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Study Group FAQs

What Is a Study Group?  A small group of students and a trained leader

*Meets together regularly once a week; additional review sessions may be scheduled before an exam

*Discusses concepts, confusions, and insights into course material

*Determines its own pace and the material that will be covered

*Helps students organize their thoughts, test their understanding, and learn how to approach material


Why Join a Study Group?  You'll be glad you did!

Students say:

“[I had an] alternate resource if I couldn't make office hours.”

“[I] got my questions answered from a new point of view in a relaxed, convenient environment.”

“[I] learned how others solved problems.”

“My study group leader clarified a lot of the information we learned in class, making it more understandable.”

“I was able to get other examples for material that I didn't understand.”

“[I spent time] listening to other people's questions (and sometimes being able to explain things to them myself).”

“[It] gave me an incentive to study and come prepared for study group.”

“I was able to ask my questions on a weekly basis.”

“[I learned about] thinking critically.”


What Should I Do Before Going to My Study Group?  Take a minute and...

*Review class notes and assigned reading

*Attempt the current problem set

*Jot down questions or concepts that are unclear to you


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Last Updated: 10/22/13