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How to Join a Study Group

Online Registration for study groups for 16F begins Wednesday, September 21st at Nine am.  

*Study groups will begin meeting Saturday, September 24th. 

*Study groups cost $30/term. Students receiving financial aid from Dartmouth pay $10/term and athletes do not pay. 

Registration Instructions:

• Go to or follow the link posted on your course’s Canvas page.

• Login with your DND information, select the course for which you’d like to register, and click REGISTER.

• Payment to participate in a study group can be made in the Academic Skills Center, with the Academic Study Groups Intern.  The Academic Skills Center is located at 224 Baker. We accept DA$H, Cash or Check (payable to Dartmouth College).

• Once your payment has been noted in the system, an email will be sent confirming that your registration is complete. This email will disclose the location of the group.

Last Updated: 8/24/16