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Study Group Leader Bios


Emily Chu '17

From Cupertino, California and is a Neuroscience Major, English Minor. A member of RWIT, Dartmouth EARS, PCP, NSS, and Cancer Fellows. She plans to attend medical school, but otherwise wants to go into project management for biotech. Something interesting is that she is still on the hunt for a horror movie that can scare her.



Rachel Citera, '18

Econ major from Westchester, NY. On campus, she volunteers for SIBS. She is interested in finance and one fun fact about her iis that her favorite color is pink.



Joshua Ufland '18

Majoring in economics and mathematical data science. From Southborough, Massachusetts, and is a diehard Boston sports fan. Member of DIPP, DERT, and Alpha Chi, and he is looking forward to leading a study group this term.




Last Updated: 4/5/16