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Peer Tutors


To apply to be a tutor for 14F, Click Here.

To request a tutor for 14F, Click Here.

*Please note: You MUST read all relevant policies and information as listed on the Tutor Clearinghouse website.

About the Program

At Tutor Clearinghouse, we provide student-to-student academic support each term by matching undergraduate students wanting 1-on-1 guidance in a course to other students who have excelled in the course previously.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments at any time (including during a match), please feel free to contact us! Also, you can find Holly Potter's weekly office hours here.

IMPORTANT: New Policies (Effective Starting Fall 2012)

  • If a tutor and a tutee request each other, they may be tentatively matched via e-mail. However, they must also see Holly Potter to be matched in person before the match is considered official and the tutor can be compensated by the Tutor Clearinghouse.
  • Any students who have been matched in a prior term, who want to continue to work together in an immediately-following term, must STILL submit the requisite paperwork for approval.  Assumptions about your ability to continue to work together should not be considered an automatic approval (on your part) to do so.


Tutors must apply for the position every term.  Any tutor wishing to continue their work relationship with a tutee needs to submit a request to work with a specific tutee in the subsequent term(s).

To qualify, tutors must have received at least an A- in the course previously (some exceptions apply - ask us!!).

Tutors are expected to commit up to 3 hours per week per tutee, depending on each tutee's need.

The pay rate is $9/hr. (Be sure to read the specific details on our payment policies!)

To learn more about being a tutor and/or to apply, click here: Tutors.



If a tutee wants to continue to work with their tutor from a prior term, a request for a specific tutor MUST be received by the Tutor Clearinghouse.

Tutees must request a tutor for each course separately.

Once matched, it is the responsibility of the tutee to contact the tutor to set up a meeting time and payment details (if applicable).

Expenses incurred by tutees who receive Financial Aid from Dartmouth or are on varsity athlete teams will be covered by the College. However, tutees NOT on financial aid or on a varsity team are expected to pay their tutors independently.

To learn more and/or to request a tutor, click here: Tutees.


Last Updated: 1/24/17