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All sophomores/juniors/seniors have heard this already -- there is a NEW process for getting paid!

Beginning 14X, all students working for the College through the Tutor Clearinghouse will be required to file their claim for compensation (aka:  TIMESHEET) electronically!  Watch this page for further notice/instructions, as well as those coming from the Student Employment Office.  Not following these instructions (i.e., being late in filing your timesheet) will result in extra steps that will need to be taken to reinstate you in the system so that you can be paid on time going forward!  We have been lead to believe that this is a "painful" process.  TAKE CARE OF THE DETAILS NOW!


Timesheet Due Dates for 14X

o July 5th

o July 19th

o August 2nd

o August 16th

o August 30th

Please read through the entire page.

*NOTE: In order to be paid for providing tutoring services, you MUST complete and submit both the I-9 and W-4 forms to the Payroll Office at 7 Lebanon Street Suite 309 within THREE days of your first work day.

For more information, you can click here or visit the Payroll Office website.

Tutors are compensated at $9/hr, for up to 3 hrs/week by the College if the tutee receives Financial Aid from the College and/or is a varsity athlete.   Otherwise, payment must be arranged separately with the tutee.
Alternatively, tutors have the option of participating in our Pay It Forward Project, a volunteer program.

If your match qualifies for compensation from the College, you must use our new online timekeeping system (aka KRONOS). 

Shortly after you signed up to be a tutor you should have received an E-mail from with a link to log into your Kronos account, as well as a link to an instructional video on how to use the Kronos timecard.  It is not safe to assume you are familiar with KRONOS as it applies to claiming time for the Tutor Clearinghouse, given some details that are different than for other employers.  PLEASE GO HERE for more information:

You must log in using Dartmouth Web Authentication.

Be responsible about entering hours as you complete them, KRONOS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO ENTER HOURS FOR A PAST PAY PERIOD!

Make sure to hit the Save button in the top left corner of the timecard after making any changes. THE TIME CARD DOES NOT AUTOSAVE.

**Timesheets must be submitted online every other Saturday no later than 11:59pm.

For more information, make sure to watch the short instructional video

Start now to manage your time so that timesheets are filed online punctually for work done on behalf of the Tutor Clearinghouse!



*  If a tutor and a tutee request each other, they may be tentatively matched via e-mail. However, they must also see Holly Potter to complete the process before the match is considered official and the tutor can be compensated by the Tutor Clearinghouse.

*IMPORTANT!! You will ONLY be compensated for your tutoring hours once the OFFICIAL MATCH has been made by the Tutor Clearinghouse Staff.


*Study group leaders must submit their time via the KRONOS system every two weeks for their 1.5-hour long weekly sessions.
*Leaders are also allowed to hold pre-exam review sessions.  Leaders will be paid for this work only if confirmed with Tutor Clearinghouse beforehand.


*Time cards must be submitted online every 2 weeks using the new KRONOS (digital) system.

 *Your timecard cannot be processed unless the dates noted on the timecard are the specified pair of payroll dates which can be found on the instruction sheet.  

These dates are listed in specific pairs that must be adhered to when filling out a timecard.


*If you are an International Student, you must fill out timecards (it does not matter whether you are tutoring a student on Financial Aid, a Student Athlete or neither).

*If you leave campus before your last paycheck arrives to your Hinman Box, your check will be forwarded to your permanent address or forwarding address on file. 

If you have more questions or comments, please e-mail us at any time.

Last Updated: 8/16/16