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Payroll Authorization Information


IMPORTANT: The following forms must be completed within THREE days of your first work day. Fill out these forms as soon as possible. Students found to be NOT in compliance, will not be allowed to work!  These forms may be found at any one of the following locations:  IRS (, Department of Homeland Security (, Student Employment ( or the Payroll office (

Bring these forms to the PAYROLL OFFICE at 7 Lebanon Street Suite 309, along with your passport OR both your driver's license and social security card (other forms of ID may be acceptable- check the IRS website).


*I-9 form: verifies your identity and that you are eligible to work in the U.S.

*W-4 form: must be filled out so that your employer will withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay

*Direct Deposit (Optional): would cause your check to be submitted electronically to your bank account

*For more information please check with the Student Employment Office website. Or, e-mail them at

Last Updated: 9/26/13