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FAQs for Tutees

Who can request a tutor?

All Dartmouth students are eligible to receive confidential tutoring.

How much does it cost?

Students on financial aid from Dartmouth (not Pell grants or Stafford loans) are entitled to receive up to 3 hours of tutoring every week, per course, at the college's expense. Varsity student athletes receive 3 hours of tutoring every week, per course, at DCAD's expense. For other students, the cost for tutoring is $9 per hour, paid directly from tutee to tutor.

What if my tutor is an International Student?

If the tutee does not receive financial aid from Dartmouth, and if your tutor is an International student, he or she must fill out timesheets whether you are on Financial Aid, a Student Athlete or neither.

How do I know if this applies to me?

Contact your financial aid advisor. If you state that you are on financial aid and it is discovered that you are not, you are liable to pay for all of the tutoring you have received.

Is it really confidential?

All information is kept strictly confidential. For example, being tutored will not appear on your college record. Tutoring sessions are private and one-on-one. Tutors and tutees arrange their own time and place to meet (ideally, on a regular basis).

Who are tutors?

Tutors are Dartmouth students who have done well in their past classes and decided to share their knowledge. Tutors apply to the Tutor Clearinghouse and are trained by the Manager of the Tutor Clearinghouse.

How do matches work?

We will match you with a tutor who has done very well in (or been exempted from) the course for which you request a tutor. Matches are not sanctioned until all paperwork has been processed by the Tutor Clearinghouse and a "Match" email has been sent. Both parties involved must have received notification indicating that the match is officially recognized.

I applied for a tutor and haven't heard anything yet, what's going on?

We will blitz you if/when you are matched with a tutor. For some courses (Chemistry and Statistics, especially), we experience a high demand for peer tutors and do not have enough tutors to fill the requests we get. If you haven't heard back yet, you are welcome to inquire about the status of your request. However, please be patient and know that we are working hard to find you a tutor!

What if I no longer need a tutor?

If you haven't been matched yet, blitz the Tutor Clearinghouse to let them know you want to cancel your request.  Don't wait to be matched.  Even if you have been matched, alert the Tutor Clearinghouse of your decision to cancel your tutoring.

What if I’m a Student Athlete?

The Dartmouth College Athletic Department appropriates a portion of the NCAA Student-Athlete Academic Enhancement grant to cover the costs of tutoring for varsity student-athletes that do not receive financial aid from Dartmouth College (as defined above). If you have questions regarding tutoring for varsity student-athletes (i.e., your eligibility), please contact Anne Hudak, Associate Athletic Director for Peak Performance, at (or call 603-646-9378). PLEASE NOTE: The Athletic Department does not provide tutors for student-athletes.

What if I am a Senior Student Athlete?

If you are a Senior Varsity Student Athlete, and your season has already been completed, you are still eligible to receive free tutoring through the NCAA Student-Athlete Academic Enhancement grant. This only applies if you were a varsity student athlete at any time during your senior year.

More questions?

Please blitz with your questions or comments!

Last Updated: 8/3/12