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Preparing and Taking Tests and Exams

For most Dartmouth students, exam time is particularly stressful.  Paradoxically, many students attempt to deal with stress in ways that are counter-productive or even self-defeating; their behavior and attitudes tend to diminish their performance on exams rather than enhance it.  The resources on this page will provide you with tips on how to effectively prepare for and take tests and exams, hopefully reducing your stress.  For the stress that proper preparation cannot cure, we have also provided some information on relaxation exercises and stress busters.  Some guidelines to remember during finals period include:

  • Try to stay on a regular schedule
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol
  • Make sure you leave time for proper sleep


Stress and Anxiety:
Alcohol and Sleep:

Preparing for Exams:



Stress Management Video

Stress Management Video with Captions

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Preparing for Exams:


Last Updated: 12/8/14