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Important Campus Resources

The Academic Skills Center is one of many campus resources available to students. Part of being a successful student is using the resources available to you each term.

RWIT (Student Center for Research, Writing and Information Technology)

RWIT, the Student Center for Research, Writing and Information Technology, is a one-stop shop where students can meet with an undergraduate or graduate tutors to discuss a paper, research assignment, or multi-media assignment. Located behind the Computer Help Desk on the first floor of the Baker-Berry Library, RWIT is a free service. 
Counseling & Human Development

Center for Professional Development

The Center for Professional Development offers a number of important services including advising for students interested in the health professions or pre-med, internship opportunities, scholarship information and self-assessment inventories. Career Services is located on the second floor of the Fleet Bank building (63 S. Main Street).

OPAL (Office of Pluralism and Leadership)

OPAL provides advising, programs and services designed to support students' academic success, leadership development, cultural enrichment, and community engagement.

Undergraduate Dean's Office

The Undergraduate Deans in Carson Hall, Suite 125 provide advising on academic, social and personal issues. Check Bannerstudent to see who your dean is. In addition, the Dean's Office Student Consultants (DOSC's), are senior students who advise students about D-plans, leave term opportunities, and major planning.

Student-Athlete Info

For student athlete information, please see Information for Student-Athletes.

Office Hours with Professors

If you are having trouble in a course, one of the first steps you should take is to talk to your course professor. Faculty have regular office hours and are often best able to assist you with the specific understanding of the course material.

Counseling and Human Development Office

Sometimes students experiencing academic difficulty are facing stresses in a number of areas in their life. The Counseling & Human Development office provides short-term individual counseling and offers a variety of support groups. Counseling & Human Development is located on the second floor of Dick's House.

Student Accessibility Services

Students with disabilities at Dartmouth have met the same rigorous standards of admission that all Dartmouth students have met. Their high school records, College Entrance Examination Board scores, and potential for intellectual growth have recommended them. Once admitted to the College the student with disabilities, after registering for services, is entitled to certain reasonable accommodations from the College. These following sections will provide information about disabilities and the resources available to students with disabilities at Dartmouth.

Go to Student Accessibility Services for more information.

Student Health Promotion and Wellness

Student Health Promotions and Wellness works to foster the academic and personal success of students by increasing discussion, examining issues, and exploring the underlying context of key health behaviors. This office provides individual consultation, prevention efforts, and educational outreach to the campus community.


The college librarians are a vast resource of information about how to find information for a paper, navigate the library system, or develop search techniques. For more information, ask a librarian on-line or stop by the reference desk on the first floor of Berry Library.

Off-Campus Programs

The Off-Campus Programs office, located in Wentworth Hall, oversees the Language Study Abroad and Foreign Study Programs at Dartmouth. In addition, information about the 12-college exchange program or study abroad opportunities through other institutions is available through this office.

Last Updated: 8/10/16