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Apply to Be a Resident Expert

Further Information:

*Training sessions will be offered on a termly basis to help all Tutor Clearinghouse Student Staff achieve a level of excellence in their work.

*Payment Information: Timesheets must be submitted in a timely manner appropriate for the payroll period. The last opportunity to submit a timesheet will be two weeks after the last day of exams of the term in which tutoring occurred. Timesheets not submitted in accordance with the above protocol are problematic and may become delayed in processing.

* You are authorized to facilitate one study hall for 1.5/hrs/wk. A pre-exam review session may be held (for finals) one time during reading period (only).


16F House Community Resident Expert Application


16F Student Athlete Resident Expert Application


*Please note that we are using the KRONOS online timekeeping system!*


*Please Note* If you have never worked for the College for pay in the past, you must go to the Tutor Clearinghouse website containing information about payroll authorization. If your I-9 and W-4 forms have not yet been filed with the Payroll Office, you will not be allowed to work until such time as these requirements have been met.

If you somehow circumvent this process and submit online timecards for payment and the Tutor Clearinghouse learns that you are out of compliance your ability to work will be rescinded immediately.

Thank you for applying to become a Resident Expert!

Last Updated: 8/17/16