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Course Sign-up and PE Credit

When & Where

Learning @ Dartmouth will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 - 5 PM, for seven weeks, starting September 2014; location TBA.

How to Sign Up

Enrollment information will be available closer to the end of Summer Term 2014. 


  • $10 for non-financial aid students
  • $5 for students receiving Dartmouth financial aid

Information About Receiving PE Credit

In order to receive one PE credit for taking Learning at Dartmouth, students must sign up for Learning @ Dartmouth as a PE class during the first two weeks of fall term on Banner Student (in addition to enrolling for Learning at Dartmouth on-line or at the Academic Skills Center, 224 Baker). In order to register, point your browser to the Registrar's web page and click on "Banner Student Information System." Sign in using your Blitzmail name and password, and click on "Fall 2013 PE Add/Drop." Then follow the instructions.
Students MUST ATTEND 12 of the 14 sessions in order to receive one PE credit for Learning @ Dartmouth. 

Last Updated: 3/22/14