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Fall 2014!

Peer Tutoring applications for 14F are available:

For Tutors

14F Regular Tutor Application

14F Tutor Application for Requesting a Specific Tutee

For Tutees

14F Regular Tutor Request

14F Tutee Application for Requesting a Specific Tutor

Study Groups for Fall 2014 start meeting September 20th!

Study groups sign ups take place at

New Online Timesheet System (Kronos)

We have officially moved from paper time sheets to online timecards! The new system, Kronos, must be used by all employed by the Academic Skills Center and Tutor Clearinghouse. Please be sure to fill out your timesheet on timeThe deadlines for timesheets for 14F can be found on our "Payment Information" page. If an employee fails to fill out his/her timesheet on time, he or she will have to perform extra steps in order to get paid. 

A note to Peer Tutors:

If your tutee qualifies for compensation from the College (is on financial aid or an athlete), you must use Kronos, the online timekeeping system. Shortly after you have been matched with a tutee, you should receive an email from with a link to log into your Kronos account, as well as a link to an instructional video on how to use the Kronos timecard system. If you are already using Kronos for another job, please note that the process for filling out your timecard as a tutor is different than the process for other jobs. Please see the Payment Info tab under "Tutor Clearinghouse" for more information.

Academic Skills Center Internship Opportunities 

Learn about the Academic Skills Center's part time and full time internships by going to our "Internship Opportunities" page!


Last Updated: 8/20/14