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Communicating with Professors and Coaches

The Dartmouth Faculty approves of student participation in athletic activities and wishes to encourage students to take advantage of opportunities at the College in both intramural and intercollegiate athletics.

Student-athletes must keep in mind, however, that their primary objective here at Dartmouth is learning. They are students first and athletes second. Dartmouth coaches, as well as faculty, accept this proposition. They also understand that each student must make his or her own decision about the importance of participation in sports and the demands it makes on his or her time.

With respect to practices or athletic meetings, it is understood by both the faculty and coaching staff that class attendance takes precedence over participation in athletics. Furthermore, full participation in classes which leads to the missing of practices may not, in itself, prejudice the coaches in selection of team participants.

Although academic schedules may sometimes conflict with College-sponsored athletic activities there are no automatically excused absences for such activities. Students who participate in athletics should check their calendars to see that events do not conflict with their academic schedules. If conflicts occur, each student is responsible for discussing the matter with his or her professors in person at the beginning of the appropriate term. Professors may be accommodating if approached well in advance of the critical date, but they are under no obligation to make special arrangements for make-up opportunities.

Last Updated: 7/16/12