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Student Accessibility Services
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Rights, Benefits, and Responsibilities Disability on Campus


Rights & Benefits



Institution:  Protect the integrity of our academic standards and programs

Institution:  To provide services, program modifications, academic adjustments, and accessibility of the built environment needed to assure program accessibility.  Assure that policies, procedures, and practices are non-discriminatory.  Provide proper notice of policies and procedures and of how to request appropriate “accommodations.”


Students:  To participate fully, in an integrated manner in all aspects of the college and university experience

Students:  Held to the same academic, policy, and procedural standards as all students; reasonable notice of need; provide reasonable documentation to substantiate disability-related need; reasonable participation in securing and using disability-related services; timely and appropriate communication.


International Students of U.S. schools:  Same as for other students, above.

International Students of U.S. schools:  Same as for other students, above, but should be mindful of possible differences in eligibility for public entitlements, private insurances, financial resources.  Generally, use of English/ASL/U.S. Braille as appropriate for communication.



Institution:  To reap benefits of a qualified employment pool that is underutilized; to enrich diversity

Employees:  A welcoming, non-discriminatory work environment; “reasonable accommodations” as needed to be able to effectively do their jobs

Institution:  Proper notice of policies and procedures; proper analysis of essential job functions; flexibility about less essential ones; and effective & reasonable accommodations.  To create an accessible, non-discriminatory campus climate, particularly to educate supervisors and managers.

Employees:  Subject to the same quality, productivity, and values expected of all employees; reasonable & timely participation in requesting, securing and using accommodations; timely & appropriate communication

Others (e.g.,  community library patrons,

event attendees, extension consumers


Institution:  To benefit from participation of the full community, larger market

Constituents:  Full and equal access to programs, activities, and services

Institution:  Provide proper notice, as well as services, accessible venues, and adjustments as needed

Constituents:  Reasonable notice of need, timely and appropriate communication

Last Updated: 10/23/09