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Student Accessibility Services
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Respective Responsibilities - Students, Staff and Faculty

Student Responsibilities

Each student must meet or exceed the essential requirements of Dartmouth and its programs with or without appropriate accommodations. Students have the right to refuse any accommodation offered, and accept the responsibility for any consequences of such decisions. Thus, students are not required to register with Student Accessibility Services, identify themselves to instructors, staff, or other students as having a disability, or accept accommodations they do not need or want.

However, if students wish to compete with their peers on a level playing field and if they wish to enjoy their right to access and equality, they must advocate for those rights. There is no civil rights protection for individuals who do not identify themselves and request the appropriate accommodations. Students with disabilities or who are concerned they may have an unidentified disability are encouraged to consider the following actions:

  • Contact Student Accessibility Services after reviewing the relevant information in this web site if there are any questions;
  • Register with Student Accessibility Services providing written documentation which verifies the need for the accommodations requested;
  • Fully participate in the Student Accessibility Services processes leading to the assessment and authorization of appropriate services and accommodations;
  • Request and advocate for accommodations from faculty, staff or administration in a timely manner;
  • Provide for one's personal independent living needs or any other disability-related need which must be satisfied regardless of attendance at Dartmouth.

Faculty & Staff Responsibilities

Every member of the Dartmouth community must share in the responsibility to create an environment in which individuals are able to ask the question “What about access?” and raise concerns without fear of retaliation. Each faculty and staff member has the following responsibilities in providing access to Dartmouth:

Institutional Responsibilities

Dartmouth will meet the following responsibilities:

  • Prohibit unlawful discrimination against qualified people with disabilities
  • Comply with or when possible to exceed the most progressive legal requirements for access
  • Recognize that access is linked to quality and that academic freedoms and standards cannot be compromised
  • Take a dynamic approach to access by providing services and by removing attitudinal, informational, and physical barriers on campus
  • Notify the public of Dartmouth's ability and desire to ensure accessibility by people with disabilities
  • Prohibit retaliation against individuals who advocate for accessibility
  • Provide leadership on disability access and opportunity for Dartmouth.

Last Updated: 11/25/15