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Student Accessibility Services
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Email: Phone: (603) 646-9900

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Access by Leadership in Equity:
Related Initiatives at Dartmouth

Ability-Related Groups

We encourage you to visit the following page to view links to the various groups at Dartmouth that address issues related to accessibility and ability.


Related Classes

Several departments offer classes that might interest people who want to learn more about disabilities and health issues. What follows are merely a few examples of classes to explore. Note that class offerings vary by term.


Anthropology 17: Anthropology of Health and Illness

Anthropology 55: Anthropology of International Health

Biological Science 2: Human Biology

College Courses 10: Mapping Health and Disease

Education 64: Development in the Exceptional Child

Geography 2: Global Health and Society

History 36: Health Care in American Society: History and Current Issues

Philosophy 25: Philosophy of Medicine

Psychology 24: Abnormal Psychology

Psychlogy 53: Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination

Sociology 28: Health Care and Health Care Policy

Sociology 64: Global Health Systems

Last Updated: 5/17/12