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Student Accessibility Services
For Appointments:
Email: Phone: (603) 646-9900

Notetaking Services:
Email: Phone: (603) 646-9900

Adaptive Technology: Document Conversion & CART:
Email: Phone: (603) 646-9900


Student Organizations

Active Minds

Active Minds works to promote awareness and decrease stigma surrounding mental illness. By developing and supporting chapters of a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group on campuses, the organization works to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as liaison between students and the mental health community.




ASPIRE is dedicated to providing resources and support for individuals on the autism spectrum. We are committed to advocating for autism research, to increasing public awareness, and to providing services within the Upper Valley for children with autism and their families. It is our goal to improve the lives of those affected by autism and to give these special people a reason to hope... to dream... to aspire.




Project Eye to Eye is a national mentoring program that matches college students with learning disabilities (LD) and/or ADHD with identified LD/ADHD middle school students.  Volunteers lead weekly art projects that are designed to promote discussion on self-advocacy and build self-esteem.



Steps Toward Adult Responsibility (STAR) Mentoring Program

STAR  is a mentoring program between Dartmouth students and adolescents with chronic illnesses or disability in the Upper Valley and surrounding areas. Volunteers take part in planned group events. 
Mentors serve as role models for these young adults with special needs, who often experience social isolation due to their medical problems and may be apprehensive about the future.


Last Updated: 7/6/16