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Student Accessibility Services Vision and Mission Statement


Our vision is a time when Dartmouth College leads by example to foster a society that is fully and seamlessly inclusive of people with disabilities in all aspects of its environment and in the attitudes, behaviors and endeavors of its people.


Essential to the Mission, Core Values, and Principles of Community of Dartmouth College, the Student Accessibility Services office:

  • promotes and facilitates a campus community in which students with disabilities have full, equal, and integrated access to, and opportunities within, all campus activities, services and programs;
  • encourages and fosters students with disabilities’ independence, self-determination, responsibility and development of life skills;
  • appreciates the variety of individual perspectives about disability including its relationships to identity, culture and pride;
  • offers selected services that are not provided by other College offices or outside organizations, focusing on those services that require disability-related expertise; and
  • assists and consults with other departments, faculty members, and those in the campus community who are striving for full inclusion of students with disabilities.

Last Updated: 10/28/09