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Student Accessibility Services
For Appointments:
Email: Phone: (603) 646-9900

Notetaking Services:
Email: Phone: (603) 646-9900

Adaptive Technology: Document Conversion & CART:
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Faculty and Staff

Student Accessibility Services is a resource for faculty and staff members who are working with individual students with disabilities or to assure that your programs, activities, and services are fully accessible. Equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities and compliance with disability civil rights laws is a shared responsibility that extends across the campus. Each department, office, campus activity, etc. is responsible for the accessibility of its own programs, services and activities. Below are links to more detailed documents addressing issues that should be considered or that often arise.

Two key and fundamental responsibilities are (1) providing "effective notice" about the accessibility of your program and events and how individuals with disabilities can request disability-related academic adjustments and services as well as (2) assuring effective communication for individuals who need alternatives to your print or spoken information.

Document Conversion and students with print-based or reading disabilities

To learn more about the document conversion process and how to ensure that your course materials are accessible to students with print-based disabilities, visit during our Document Conversion Drop-in Hours.

Instructors should use the statement below to assure proper notice of the availability of academic accommodations and to encourage better communication between students and faculty about disability-related matters. This statement should be announced in class and included on course syllabi and websites (e.g. Canvas):

"Students with disabilities who may need disability-related academic adjustments and services for this course are encouraged to see me privately as early in the term as possible. Students requiring disability-related academic adjustments and services must consult the Student Accessibility Services office (Carson Hall, Suite 125, 646-9900, Once SAS has authorized services, students must show the originally signed SAS Services and Consent Form and/or a letter on SAS letterhead to their professor. As a first step, if students have questions about whether they qualify to receive academic adjustments and services, they should contact the SAS office. All inquiries and discussions will remain confidential."

When meeting with you, the students should be able to show you a Services and Consent Form (SCF) and/or a letter on SAS letterhead (with original signature from Ward Newmeyer, Director, or Alicia Brandon, Assistant Director), which note the academic adjustments and services that have been authorized for the student by the SAS Director or Assistant Director. Feel free to e-mail or call to confirm the academic adjustments and services that have been authorized for a student in your class.

If a student does not present a Services & Consent Form and/or SAS letter, please refer the student to the Student Accessibility Services office. You may consult with SAS before acting on any accommodations the student requests.

Each year, the Dean of the Faculty, Michael Mastanduno, and the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Inge-Lise Ameer, write a joint letter to the members of the Dartmouth College Faculty of Arts and Sciences providing information on the process for providing appropriate academic adjustments and services for students with disabilities. See the current letter to the members of the faculty.

Providing Academic Adjustments

Referring Students to Student Accessibility Services

Last Updated: 12/27/16