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Nancy Serrell
Director of Science and Technology Outreach
Dartmouth College, Office of the Provost
6068 Blunt Alumni Center, Room 309
Hanover, NH 03755
Telephone: (603) 646-9756
Fax: (603) 646-3733
E-mail: Nancy Serrell
Sara Riordan
Science Outreach Coordinator
Dartmouth College, Office of the Provost 
6068 Blunt Alumni Center
Hanover, NH 03775
Telephone: (603) 646-0397
Fax: (603) 646-3733
E-mail: Sara Riordan 
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Research Internships for Non-Dartmouth Students


Dartmouth College research internships are designed to increase the participation of students in scientific research and to encourage them to consider careers in research, medicine, and science education. Internships provide high-school students and non-Dartmouth undergraduates with hands-on experience working with a team including Dartmouth faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows or graduate and undergraduate students on a new or ongoing research project.

The number of research internships available for students varies depending on the availability of faculty mentors. The Office of Science & Technology Outreach publicizes openings on this website.

Start and end dates for internships vary; application deadlines are publicized when research opportunities are announced.

Students interested in a research internship should contact the faculty researcher they want to work with to see if internships are available in that lab.

The protocol for faculty who want to offer an internship is available here and includes instructions on obtaining all required forms.

A Research Internship Application template is available here .

Last Updated: 9/24/14