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Dartmouth GK-12 Project

Here’s what some of our GK12 participants have to say about the project:

Erica Ferland (Partner Teacher) says, “I had the confidence and support to do things I would never have done on my own (i.e., research poster, analyzing raw data, etc.). This was a gift to everyone involved. My students’ interest increased, my understanding of lab skills increased and I strongly believe my fellow gained a lot from the experience also. I would definitely do this again.”

Robert McGarr (Graduate Fellow) feels that “…the process of leading 9th-grade students through inquiry-based experimentation has enabled me to translate PhD-level science to broader audiences. Equally important to me is the joy I felt in being a part of the students’ growth in becoming confident and critical thinkers as well as the unexpected and pleasant surprise that the experience has delivered in terms of my interest to continue to sustain these efforts.”

Kathy Grant (Partner Teacher) outlined the following benefits of participating in the GK-12 project:

"1. Having a scientist as a resource for students and teachers. Students meet and get to know a scientist [graduate fellow] as a person. Preconceived notions about being a scientist are shattered. Students develop a relationship with a scientist. The scientist is a great source of professional development and inspiration for the teacher. 2. The scientist is great for helping students make connections between in-class work and actual research projects. 3. Understanding and making use of Dartmouth College resources (use of equipment, field trip destinations, poster sessions and science cafes)."

Ronald Kinser (Graduate Fellow) reports “Participation in the GK-12 program has greatly enhanced my presentation, communication, and leadership skills by giving me the opportunity to interact with local teachers and students on a regular basis. This interaction has aided my ability to effectively communicate my research to a broader audience while, at the same time, increasing scientific awareness in the community.”

Seth Cohen (Graduate Fellow) found that "GK-12 has actually made me understand my own research better. By getting me to talk about my research to other fellows, teachers, and middle school students, I've been forced to really get at the crux of what I'm researching. And my work has actually made some students want to be an astronomer!"

Last Updated: 8/12/14