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Blood Drive in Alumni Hall 7/29 & 7/30

Participate in the "100 Days of Summer,100 Days of Hope" Blood Drive, taking place in Alumni Hall on Tuesday, 7/29, and Wednesday, 7/30, from 11AM-5PM. All are invited to donate (if eligible). Parking discounts will be offered. Refreshments provided by the Hanover Inn. Book your appointment here. To read more information about the event, click here.

Workshop: Wellness: Many Perspectives, Many Practices

Discover what wellness means to you through self-assessment and determine what steps you should take to work towards wellbeing.
Presenter: Gabrielle Lucke.
Date: Tuesday, August 5, 10:00 am -- 12:00 pm.
To register click here.

Participate in a DHMC Research Study!

DHMC is conducting an 11-week study that investigates a combined Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Health At Every Size (HAES/ACT) Treatment for depression and obesity in women. Research is conducted at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center by researchers from the Department of Psychiatry. The group therapy sessions are led by a DHMC psychologist, with a small group of other women with similar concerns. Sessions last two hours, and meet at DHMC, at a time convenient for you. For more information, call or email Margit Berman (603-650-4724) or click here

Stay Connected with Wellness at Dartmouth - like us on Facebook! 

Wellness at Dartmouth recently launched a Facebook page to help connect our community to events, programs, resources, healthy tips, recipes, and more!  Please note, even if you don't have a Facebook page, you can still view our page and see our postings. 

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MOVE IT Physical Activity Challenge

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Congratulations to all of our MOVE IT participants!

With over 200 teams and 1,600 participants, Dartmouth moved it by logging a total of 789,016,993 steps! Great job everyone!

A big shout out to the following teams and participants!

  • Team "Will Walk for Chocolate" is the lucky winner of the Week 8 prize drawing and have all won Fitbit Zip activity tracking devices to help them continue moving it!
  • Team "McNuggets" is the lucky winner of the final prize drawing that included all teams who reached any of the milestones. They have all won $40 Amazon gift cards to help keep them motivated to move it beyond the finish line!
  • 100 teams reached the final milestone by logging a cumulative average of 486,500 steps and all team members will be receiving a t-shirt! If you met this milestone you will be receiving an email with instructions on when shirts will be available.
  • Team "Fatty McFat Fat" logged the most steps during the challenge – a whopping cumulative average of 1,683,929 steps! They will be treated to lunch at the Hanover Inn with EVP and CFO Rick Mills (a MOVE IT participant and member of Team "No Pain, No Gain")...and of course they will have bragging rights!
  • Team "Pathfinders" kicked it into gear and saw the most improvement over the challenge – an improvement of 38%! They will be treated to lunch at the Hanover Inn with EVP and CFO Rick Mills and should indeed brag about their accomplishment!

Thank you for your participation and for making the MOVE IT challenge a campus-wide success!

MOVE IT for better health.

MOVE IT for your team.

MOVE IT for fun prizes.

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Last Updated: 6/2/14