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AED Awareness Hunt

Can you find 3 AEDs on the Dartmouth College campus? Follow this link to view a list of all Automatic External Defibrillators on Dartmouth's campus, and see if you can find 3 in and/or near your workspace. Each AED contains a unique quote from Dartmouth's very own Dr. Seuss! Once you've found 3 AEDs, follow this link to record each Dr. Seuss quote for a chance to win prizes sponsored by Environmental Health and Safety.  Or, simply print out the form and bring it to the Employee Wellness Event on Oct. 7th!  Prizes will be drawn on October 14th.

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Wellness at Dartmouth recently launched a Facebook page to help connect our community to events, programs, resources, healthy tips, recipes, and more!  Please note, even if you don't have a Facebook page, you can still view our page and see our postings. 

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Alumni Gym

The $200 Fitness Reimbursement Benefit has a new name...and new benefits!  In 2014, any covered employee, covered family member (age 18+), or covered retiree on a Dartmouth-sponsored Cigna health plan, is eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $200 per calendar year (combined family maximum) as part of the Wellness Benefit. You can use the Wellness Benefit on qualified health promoting activities and devices that help support you in areas such as physical activity, weight management, stress management and tobacco cessation. 

To receive this benefit in 2014, you must meet the minimum requirement for participation/attendance for each activity you are submitting for.  Please see here for more details.  The new Wellness Benefit will replace the previously known $200 Fitness Reimbursement Benefit.

What Can I Get Reimbursed For in 2014?

  • Fitness Facilities (includes full-service facilities with cardiovascular and strength training equipment, Yoga studios, Pilates studios, pool or tennis only facilities) 
  • Personal Training
  • Exercise-only classes (e.g. FLIP)
  • Sports club fees (e.g. running club, rowing club, basketball league)
  • Alpine Ski Lift Tickets/Season Pass
  • Cross Country Ski Tickets/Season Pass
  • Golf Greens Fees/Membership (must walk the course)
  • Race Fees
  • Health-promoting activity devices including pedometers, accelerometers, heart rate monitors and sports watches
  • Multi-week Workshops on topics such as weight management, stress management, and tobacco cessation
  • Weight Watchers at Work

2014 Cigna Wellness Benefit FAQ, Reimbursement Form and Log CardNew this yearcomplete the benefit form online, then just print, sign and mail along with your receipt(s) and Log Card(s)! 

The deadline for 2014 Wellness Benefit submissions is March 31, 2015.

Improved for 2015!

Beginning January 1, 2015, the Wellness Benefit reimbursement process will be simplified.

  1. An attestation form will replace the existing log card.
  2. A new category will allow for submission of exercise classes that do not meet the 2 times a week for 10 weeks minimum criteria.  Class must have a fixed start and end date and be a minimum of 4-weeks long (e.g. 8-week FLIP class).  Must attest to attending at least 75% of the classes.     

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Wellness Benefit terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Dartmouth College.

To find out more about your benefits, check the website of Dartmouth's Human Resources Department and don't forget to look for the latest news about benefits.

Last Updated: 10/6/14