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Snow shoe hike to Velvet Rocks!

Outdoor Programs is sponsoring a snow shoe hike to Velvet Rocks on February 27 at 12:15 PM. Contact Kathy Decato to register. First 12 people will get a ride, or you can meet the van at the Coop to join the group.

Learn to Run!

Have you wanted to try running but don't believe it's possible for you? Try this 2 hour workshop to get you up and going with a comfortable, easy to follow learn-to-run program. It begins slowly and progresses at your own pace over a 6 week period toward a goal of running 3 miles. Strength and stretch included.

Saturday, 3/4, 9:30-11:30AM: Alumni Gym Indoor Track - $10. To register, contact Carolyn Hooper Goetinck

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$200 Wellness Benefit

Please note: the Wellness Benefit will be discontinued on June 30, 2017 (the benefit will remain available for retirees).  

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2016 Wellness Benefit Forms

2017 Wellness Benefit Forms: Active Employees

2017 Wellness Benefit Forms: Retirees

Who is Eligible?

This benefit is available to any employee (non-student), their covered adult family member (18+), or any retiree that is enrolled in a Cigna Health Plan through Dartmouth College. 

When will the Wellness Benefit be discontinued?
The Wellness Benefit will be discontinued on June 30, 2017 for active employees and their covered adult family members. Retirees on a Dartmouth College health plan will still have access to the Wellness Benefit after June 30, 2017.

Why is the Wellness Benefit being discontinued?
As we continue our efforts to achieve greater engagement and a healthier community, the $200 Wellness Benefit will be discontinued in favor of the Pulse at Dartmouth program with a value of up to $400 per participant per calendar year (up to $800 per family if spouse is enrolled on the employee's Dartmouth College health plan). Although enhancements to the Wellness Benefit have been made over the past several years, there are still limitations for what the Wellness Benefit can be used for as well as limitations on who can access it. The rewards that are now available through the Pulse program offer much more flexibility than the Wellness Benefit, are available to more of our employees, and offer a larger dollar amount.

Will there be any rewards available to me after the Wellness Benefit is discontinued?

Yes, all wellness benefits will be awarded through the Pulse at Dartmouth program, which was introduced in April 2016. It will offer rewards of up to $400 per participant per calendar year (up to $800 per family, if spouse is enrolled on the employee's Dartmouth College health plan). There are no limitations on what these rewards can be used for, and no paperwork or receipts need to be submitted. Plus, these rewards are not only available to those enrolled on the Cigna health plan, but to all benefit-eligible active employees and to spouses enrolled on the employee's health plan. Pulse participants earn money as soon as they reach certain point levels, and that money can be used immediately by transferring into a bank account, redeeming for a Visa or gift card, or spending in the Pulse store on fitness accessories and devices.

If you haven't joined the Pulse at Dartmouth program, it's not too late. Join here to receive your free activity and sleep tracking device (or a $24.99 credit towards a device of your choice) and to start earning up to $400 per calendar year per participant (maximum of $100 per calendar quarter). To learn more about the Pulse program, click here.

Please note: the Pulse program is not available to retirees.

When do I need to submit my 2016 Wellness Benefit forms and where can I find the forms?
To receive reimbursement for any 2016 eligible Wellness Benefit expenses, all criteria must be met and all forms/receipts must be submitted to Cigna by March 31, 2017.

When do I need to submit my 2017 Wellness Benefit forms?
To receive reimbursement for any 2017 eligible Wellness Benefit expenses, all criteria must be met prior to June 30, 2017, and all forms/receipts must be submitted by September 30, 2017.

The 2017 Wellness Benefit forms will be available soon. 

Does Dartmouth offer any discounted membership rates at local fitness facilities?

Yes, in addition to the already discounted membership rates at Alumni Gym/Zimmerman Fitness Center and FLIP classes on campus, Dartmouth offers discounted rates at Carter Community Building Association (CCBA), Upper Valley Aquatic Center (UVAC), as well as a waived joining fee at the River Valley Club (RVC).

To learn more about the discounts available, click here.

What is the Participation Requirement for the Wellness Benefit?

You must meet the attendance criteria after your purchase before submitting your reimbursement form. There is an attestation section at the bottom of the benefit form that requires your signature; no log sheets are necessary. Participation requirements may vary depending on purchase. Click here to find the participation requirement for each eligible reimbursement option.

What Can I Get Reimbursed for through the Wellness Benefit?

  • Exercise Classes: 4-week minimum, or on-going drop-in classes.
  • Fitness Activities: Fitness facilities, personal training, sports league/club fees, alpine/cross country ski passes, golf greens fees/membership (must walk the course).
  • Health-Promoting Activity Devices: Pedometers, accelerometers (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone), heart rate monitors, and sports watches.
  • Workshops: Multi-week workshops related to weight management, tobacco cessation, stress management, or general health; and in-person Weight Watchers meetings.
  • Race Fees: Walking/Running, biking, swimming, rowing, skiing, multi-component races.

If you have any questions regarding the benefit or your reimbursement status, contact


The Wellness Benefit is a taxable benefit. To minimize the impact, Dartmouth College will contribute a set percentage to offset your required tax withholding.  For reimbursements processed by October 31st, taxes will be processed before the end of the calendar year.  For any reimbursements processed after Oct 31st, taxes will be processed in the following calendar year. This benefit, plus applicable taxes, will be reported on your W2.  For questions about this benefit, please contact  

Wellness Benefit terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Dartmouth College.

If your Cigna coverage through Dartmouth College ends mid-year, there is a 3-month grace period for any submissions. (All purchases must be made prior to termination end date).

Last Updated: 2/21/17