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Dartmouth Skiway Passes on Sale Now! Less than a month until prices increase! Buy now to save. For more information, visit Dartmouth Skiway or call 603.795.2143

Boss Tennis Center: Open hours (8:30am-2:30pm) from Tuesday, Sept. 8-Sunday, Sept. 13 for membership renewals and clinic signups. Starting Monday, Sept. 14, Boss will be open regular business hours. For additional information, visit the webpage.

Are you overweight or obese and tired of struggling with your weight? Do you have symptoms of depression?

The Department of Psychiatry at DHMC is conducting a research study to evaluate the effects of two different treatments for depression and obesity in women.

Study participation is free of charge and participants are compensated for their time.

For more information call 603.650.4724 or find it online here.


Join Team "Wellness Heroes" at the CHaD HERO event on October 18th!

This team of faculty, staff, family, and friends is on a mission to help all kids served by CHaD by providing funding for critical programs. Be a HERO and register for the 5K walk or run, the 10K wooded hike, the half-marathon, the Cam's Fun Run for kids, or volunteer and help raise funds for CHaD!

Register here to become a HERO.

Planning for a Maternity/Paternity Leave

Employees looking to learn more about Dartmouth College maternity/paternity leave benefits and other important topics relevant to planning for or expectant parents are invited to attend an education session on September 23rd, from 3:00-4:30, The session will be hosted at the Office of Human Resources -7 Lebanon St., Suite 203.

Registration is required. Sign up here.


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New Parents

Get facts and get support—especially for new parents.

Learn about support, child care and some fun apps to help make taking care of baby a little easier.

Benefits Policies on Parental Leave

  • Birth mothers are entitled to eight weeks of paid leave time.
  • Employees (non faculty, non-union) who are spouses, partners, and adoptive parents are also eligible for two weeks of paid parental leave.
  • The two-week paid leave may be taken immediately following birth or adoption or at any time during the first year of becoming a parent. Leave time can be taken all at once, intermittently, or incrementally (e.g., mother easing back into work on a part-time basis), with prior approval from the supervisor.
  • In order to be eligible for paid parental leave, the employee must be employed at the college at the time of the birth or adoption.

More information...

Baby at Ice Cream Social

Working Mom's Group

Looking to meet with other working mothers? Once a month, the Working Moms meet for a casual lunch discussion. Vent, share ideas, ask advice, or just socialize—anything related to a working mother is up for discussion! Pregnancy experiences, child care options, feeding choices, potty training—the Working Moms are ready to talk and to help. Mothers in the group may be expectant, have an infant, balancing work demands with kids' school programs and activities, or preparing for the empty nest---everyone is welcome!

Contact with questions or to be added to the email list.

Dartmouth Child Care

Providing a warm, stimulating, safe daytime childcare environment for the children of Dartmouth personnel is the mission of the Dartmouth College Child Care Center.

Any child can be admitted to an age-appropriate group if a parent/guardian is employed by Dartmouth College and eligible for employee benefits. Within each group, enrollment is first-come, first-served. Enrollment can be for two full days weekly or for more. The DHMC's Child Care Center also has 19 spaces available. Fees and enrollment policies are the same for both centers.

Enrollment Information:

The Family Handbook from Dartmouth College Child Care Center details what you need to know to work with your child.

Best iPhone Apps for Parents:

Baby Brain App Baby Brain stores unlimited data about your baby's (or babies'!) activities. Keep track of feeding times, sleeping patterns, diaper changes, medicine schedules and more.
iBear Baby iBear Baby lets you store photos, track weight and growth, record trips to the doctor and medical advice, and document "first-time events" such as rolling over, crawling, and walking. You can even record baby talk with the newest feature!
Baby Pack & Go App Baby Pack & Go provides a travel checklist for parents and caregivers on the go. It's easy to add in any item (terrycloth bunny, favorite bedtime book) not already in the extensive catalogue.
Babyphone App Babyphone lets you know when baby wakes up. At a higher sensitivity setting, the app calls your preset phone number if baby even rolls over.
MagicSleep App MagicSleep recreates the sounds your baby heard when still inside the womb. The soothing, familiar rhythms not only help baby—and you!—fall asleep more quickly, but also promises to deepen sleep.

External Resources:

  • The Cradle features a simple-to-use question-and-answer style to address common issues. Pregnant or new parents may particularly welcome the eco-friendly emphasis. Bonus feature: a database of more than 50,000 games that you can play with baby!
  • Wholesome Baby Food features recipes from fresh, organic products.
  • Baby Center, aimed at expectant parents, offers coupons, tracking programs, articles, and more.

Last Updated: 9/8/12