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Upcoming Workshops and Webinars:

Kids & Meals: It Doesn't Have to be a Battle Ground

Parenting children is quite a challenge in every aspect, but meals and eating habits need not be included as part of the challenge.

  • Date: October 25
  • Time: 12-1 PM
  • Location: Webinar, access from your own work space
  • Registration: Click here 

Resiliency: Bouncing Back After Setback

This workshop will examine the characteristics of resilience, how you can not only adapt to challenges, but actually thrive, and discover ways to introduce greater resilience into our lives.

  • Date: October 30
  • Time: 12-1 PM
  • Location: HR Training Room, 2nd Floor, 7 Lebanon Street
  • Registration: Click here


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Apps for Parents


Text4Baby: Pregnant women and new mothers can turn to Text4Baby for all kinds of health-related advice, reminders, and help.


Baby by Smallnest: Tracks breastfeeding, sleep, and diapers.                                                                         


iBear Baby: Infant journal to keep track of all your special moments with your child.


BabyPhone: A reliable baby monitor with unlimited range that will assist you at home and while traveling.


MagicSleep: An incredibly effective sleep aid for infants and toddlers, and works equally well for adults.

Last Updated: 12/11/15