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Skiway Early-Season Pass Sale
Dartmouth Skiway Early-Season Pass Sale is underway! Prices change on September 30. All passes should be ordered online at Click here for more information.

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Wellness at Dartmouth recently launched a Facebook page to help connect our community to events, programs, resources, healthy tips, recipes, and more!  Please note, even if you don't have a Facebook page, you can still view our page and see our postings. 

Twitter Health


Stress Management and Emotional Health

Master the pressures that try to master you!

Delve into your internal state and find supportive resources.

Feeling Low?

Browse through a fact sheet from the National Institute of Mental Health to learn more. Is it just a bad day, or something more serious? When that "I just want to give up" feeling persists, find out if the response is usual or might signal depression. Learn more about depression and emerging from it.

How much worry is normal? Get the facts about anxiety.

Feeling Low?

Faculty/ Employee Assistance Program (F/EAP): 646-1165 (24 hour line)

Why Suffer in Silence?


Need a good listener? An understanding advisor? All Dartmouth employees—and their families—can schedule up to eight FREE, CONFIDENTIAL counseling sessions annually—more if a new problem arises. Schedule your appointment at a convenient time and discuss any problem that may affect your work, whether professional or personal.

Meet your counselor in the Nugget Arcade, Suite 204, or a satellite office at the Tuck School, HOP, Centerra, DHMC, or Baker-Berry Library. If you would feel more comfortable in another setting, that can also be arranged.

Just call 646-1165, any hour of the day or night, or check the website at F/EAP services. You can email:

"A Little Different" can make a BIG difference—find new ways to solve old problems!


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has a long history in cultures around the world. Today, people use many different types of massage therapy for a variety of health-related purposes. Find more information here.

For patients or visiting friends and family of Norris Cotton Cancer Center, you can receive a free 15-minute chair massage sessions in a private room just behind the 3K reception desk. Professional, licensed massage therapists are ready to ease your stress. No appointment needed!



For millennia, traditional Chinese medicine has counseled that the best treatments are those that allow the body to heal itself, and has used acupuncture as one way of doing this. Small needles are inserted in certain locations to release qi or chi, the body's own energy. Scientific studies support acupuncture's claims that it can relieve pain and alleviate other discomforts, including migraine, cramps, arthritis, and nausea. Find more information here.



Relax ! Sleep better! Build immunity! Get free audio materials to help you de-stress, at

Stress can weaken the body, lowering its defenses to viral infections. It can also lead to insomnia. Enhance your own ability to let the pressures drop away, sleep soundly, and stay strong by reading the information on this website and by downloading and using the recordings available there.


 The Mindfulness Practice Group

The Mindfulness Practice Group meets weekly during each term, beginning the second week of term and ending the week before term ends.  The group meditates together for 30 minutes each week and then discusses a chapter from a relevant book or questions and issues related to meditation practice.  All are welcome. Anyone interested is encouraged to join.

For Fall Term, the Mindfulness Practice Group will meet beginning on Wednesday, September 25, at 8 am, in the Tucker Meditation Room, North Fairbanks 003.  The schedule for the Fall Term spans eight weeks on Wednesdays, at 8 am, in the Tucker Meditation Room, North Fairbanks 003: September 25, October 2, October 9, October 16, October 23, October 30, November 6, November 13.

Please contact Helen M. Damon-Moore with questions.

Additional Resources


Sustain Your Spirit

Beyond the mind and the body.

Labyrinth @ Rollins

Whatever you believe—and whatever you question—you can find a community at the Tucker Foundation Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. Express your faith and explore your doubts in a supportive, welcoming environment.

Hood Museum

Embrace your Creativity

Hood Museum of Art

Admission is free, tours are available, and special events abound. Since 1772, the Hood has been building its collection and currently cares for over 65,000 objects. You can wander through at your own pace, listen to a lecture, or sign up for a workshop. Admire the art of others, learn to appreciate artistry, or indulge your own artistic streak.

 Moosilauke Guests

Connect to Your Community

After Hours Program

All Dartmouth and DHMC employees are welcome to bring their partners and families to any of the After Hours events. Make new friends and hang out with old buddies as you bus to New York City or Montreal, take in an out-of-town game, hike, rock climb, ice skate, ski, cook new dishes, throw a pot, bead a necklace ,compete in a board game, sip some wine, taste some chocolate. . . .the list is long and the programs are popular. (Some already have wait lists!) Don't forget the First Thursday Socials each month. There is also a monthly First Monday Social sponsored by the LGBTQA community. (All are welcome to any activity.) Why not take advantage of this chance to meet some of Dartmouth's impressive "human capital?" Get full details on the website!

External Resources

  • The National Institute of Mental Health, a clinical research focused branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, details symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of various mental illnesses.
  • The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill is a grassroots, self-help, support and advocacy organization of the families, and friends of people with mental illness.
  • PsychCentral is Dr. John Grohol's home of down-to-earth, objective mental health symptoms and treatment information.
  • Browse this Stress Management Booklet from the Department for Work and Pensions to take control of your stress level.
  • Expand your awareness with Mental Health Facts from Colgate University.

Last Updated: 11/15/13