Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I give?"

You may either use the pledge form that you received via Hinman mail or give online by clicking one of the two “Give Now” (Employees or Community Members/Retirees) links in the sidebar on the left of this page. You can make a one-time donation or give throughout the year via a payroll deduction.

"Why should I give to the Granite United Way?"

• LOCAL – Funds raised for Granite United Way’s Community Impact Fund stay in the Upper Valley.

• ACCOUNTABLE – Community investment volunteers from Dartmouth and the Upper Valley spend thousands of hours reviewing grant requests, making site visits, and analyzing budgets before making a funding decision.

• EFFECTIVE – Granite United Way is committed to creating long-lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of our community’s problems in three critical areas – education and lifelong learning, health and wellness, and housing and economic self-sufficiency.

"Why should I give to the Granite United Way in addition to other charities?"

A gift to Granite United Way campaign invests in the needs of the greater community, including vital but lesser-known agencies that may not have high visibility or be in the public eye. And a United Way board of community volunteers reviews all requests for funding through a rigorous process that stresses accountability and proven results.

"Can I still designate my Granite United Way gift for a specific agency?"

Yes. Granite United Way will honor all donor designations intended for any United Way and/or health or human services agency having a valid 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Please be sure to include the tax-exempt ID number on your pledge so it will get to the right destination.


"Does Granite United Way sell or trade list information about its donors?"

No. They will never sell or trade list data to any individual or organization, public or private.


"Why is my pledge important?"

Your contribution, no matter what size, has an impact on services in our community. The Granite United Way campaign aims to cultivate a culture in which everyone has a voice, whether they have one dollar or a million, hours of time to contribute or hardly a moment. Taking up the “Live United” challenge, at any level, means being a part of positive change.