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Principle: Scholarship

Outcome: To Promote Scholarship


o Dean's Presentation

Invite one of the deans from the Undergraduate Dean's Office to present their Road Show to sophomores. Email Brian Reed for more information. 

o Hold an alumni career night

Have your alumni/ae over to discuss their career with the new members. Decide on the format of the event; panel discussion, round tables, reception. Give your alumni/ae an outline for the event.

o Attend academic programs together

Have the new members select an academic program and attend the event together.

o Study table for PNM and members

In the development of an entire chapter academic program, have study tables that include both members and new members in attendance. Do not require a specific number of hours. 

o Big/Little Academic challenge

Create a competition pairing 'bigs' and 'littles' together to achieve the highest or most improved GPA. Have the teams spend time together creating an academic plan to succeed.

o Assign an academic big

Assign each new member an academic 'big' in their field of study to help the new member with their academic program.

Last Updated: 10/19/15