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Outcome: Build Awareness of History

o History walk

Create a history walk around campus where you guide new members around campus and explain important events to the chapter where they happened.

o Alumni speakers

Invite an alumni/ae back to the chapter to talk about topics like the founding of the chapter, lessons learned as an undergraduate Greek member, how Greek life creates better people, how the founding of your chapter influenced Dartmouth College.

o History trivia

Develop a trivia contest with chapter and/or Dartmouth history. Mix teams with members and new members to compete. Remember this competition is about teaching information, not winning.

o History skits

Have new members create skits about how they feel the chapter was founded or another part of the campus chapter history.

o Theme dinners

Create a themed meal around some part of your chapter history. Use the opportunity to educate new members about the chapter.








Last Updated: 10/19/15