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Senior Societies

The earliest senior societies of Dartmouth College date back to 1783 and while they have evolved over the years, they continue to be a vibrant tradition within the campus community.

There are fourteen senior societies on campus. The majority of societies keep their membership secret until Commencement, when members of senior societies may be identified by their carved canes.

Each senior society is unique in character and composition. Some are single sex and others are gender inclusive, some are residential, others are not. Approximately 31% of the senior class members are affiliated with a senior society


Founded in 1996, Abaris brings together male and female role models from across campus


Atlas is a co-ed senior society that aims to augment its members' educations through dialogue about the world and their place in it.

Casque and Gauntlet

More information may be found at:


Chimera is a co-ed society that aims to bring together a diverse group of leaders from all sectors of campus. Membership is non-secret, and a portion of members are selected from an application process open to all eligible members of the junior class.


Established in 1978, Cobra is Dartmouth's oldest all-female society. Cobra women are selected on the basis of outstanding character and devotion to the College. 

Fire and Skoal

Founded in 1975, Fire and Skoal is Dartmouth's oldest co-ed senior society


Members of Olympus Senior Society are selected by their peers based on their commitment to improving the quality of life at Dartmouth, their observed ability to critically challenge the existing status quo and their engagement in promoting action.

Order of the Sirens

The Order was founded in 1983 as a co-ed society. The society has been all female since the early 90s.


Phoenix was founded in 1982 and is the second-oldest all female senior society.  The society draws from a cross section of women leaders to carry on its mission of promoting co-education at Dartmouth.  

Last Updated: 1/13/16