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Principle: Brotherhood / Sisterhood

Outcome: Foster Unity

  • Candle Pass

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  • Big/Little Challenge

Pair together each big and little on the same team for a challenge designed to meet a chapter expectation. The challenge can be academic, service oriented, athletic; this can also be used to teach chapter history. Create an award for the winning team.

  • Brick

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  • Rock Climbing

Dartmouth has a rock-climbing gym. Take the new members there as a team-building activity. The Jonathan Belden Daniels Climbing Gym is located in the basement of Maxwell dormitory in the River cluster.
Don't forget to hold a reflection session when you are finished.

  • Ropes Course

Develop team building skills using a ropes course. Hold a reflection with new members after completing the course.

Questions: How did you feel challenged?
What role were you most comfortable with?
What was your biggest challenge?
When did you feel most like a team?
What did you learn from others?

  • Camping

Take new members on a camping retreat with the new member educators. Create an agenda for the retreat that helps develop a team among the new members. Ensure that all activities are devoid of hazing.

  • Retreat

Develop a new member retreat that teaches the history of the organization and helps build the team. Work with the GLOS office to develop an agenda of activities to accomplish your goals.

  • Volunteer Projects in Hanover

There are many ways for the new members to develop teams and volunteer to the community. Contact the town manager's office to get some ideas on projects.

  • Attend events together

Choose speakers on campus for new members to attend together. Have new members reflect on the program after participation.

  • Develop team-building activities

There are books on team-building exercises to use to develop new members. The Collis center and GLOS have some resources you can use.


Outcome: Pride in Organization

  • Create a house project together

Have the new members decide on a house project and complete that project for the chapter. Have them plan and implement the project together

  • Learn chapter song

Have members and new members learn chapter songs together. Hold song practice for the entire chapter once a month

  • Participate in IMs

Encourage new members to be part of a chapter intramural team

  • New Member Shirts

Have the new members design a shirt for their class. Make sure to provide them with parameters so that they don't make something that they can't wear

Last Updated: 10/19/15