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Principle: Accountability

Outcome: Develop Problem-Solving

  • Have new members discuss a chapter problems and plan solutions

Present the new members of your chapter with and area of chapter life and have the new members discuss problems that recur in that area and plan solutions.

  • Volunteer in the community

Have the new members select, design and execute a volunteer project in the community. Have them reflect on the experience after they complete the project.

  • Run a social event

Have the new members plan and execute a social event for the chapter. Make sure that they follow AMP and evaluate afterwards.

  • Create a pledge project

Have the new members plan, design and complete a project for the house. Have a group of members avaialble to guide them, but the new members should be the ones to decide on the project. Make sure the chapter has established a budget for the project. 

  • Hold a recruitment workshop

Invite someone to do a recruitment workshop with the new members. Make sure the program covers the steps of recruitment and how the chapter recognizes new members.


Last Updated: 10/19/15