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Office of Student Life

6135 Collis Center, Suite 217
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-6979

Apply for Funding

Greek Leadership Council Funding

  1. The Greek Leadership Council distributes a portion of the funding to each governing council for appropriate use towards their programming efforts
  2. Organizations may approach each governing council or the Greek Leadership Council to request co-sponsorship for events being planned by a Greek letter organization
  3.  GLC funds may not be used for events with alcohol

The following types of events will be given priority

  1. Events sponsored by multiple Greek organizations 
  2. Events that outwardly improve the image of the Greek community at Dartmouth College
  3. Events that have an educational focus                         
  4. Events beyond the funding capability of an individual organization

Apply for GLC funds - please complete the appropriate form and email to the current GLC treasurer Nicole Cho 

GLC Funding Application

GLC First Year Program Application

GLC First Year Events Evaluation Form

Other Office of Greek Life funding sources

15 Webster Ave Funding (to support charity and community service projects)

Harm Reduction Programming Grants (to support programs that are geared toward harm reduction efforts within the Greek community)

Additional Co-sponsorship

Dependent on the size, scale and scope of a programming event funding may be procured from the following areas in addition to your own organization.  These areas each have their own rules and governing documents on how to request funding. 

  1. Special Programs and Events Committee (SPEC) More information can be found at:
  2. Programming Board (PB) More information can be found at:
  3. Collis Governing Board (CGB) More information can be found at:
  4. Academic or Administrative Departments. Although they do not have large sums of disposable income, they endorse events that enhance their department. They often support speakers and programming events that pertain to their academic field or administrative area. Contact each department directly.
  5. John Sloan Dickey Center - More information can be found at:
  6. Rockefeller Center  - More information can be found at:

Last Updated: 8/8/16