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Parents and Families

Dartmouth College values student leadership and learning and chooses to support organizations that promote individual growth within the overall context of the educational mission by granting College recognition. We are concerned for the wellbeing of all members participating in the Greek letter community and provide support and assistance in maintaining a safe environment.  Scholarship, leadership, service/philanthropy, brotherhood/sisterhood, inclusivity and accountability are expectations of the fraternity and sorority experience at Dartmouth College. 

In 2015, Dartmouth College revoked the recognition of Alpha Delta Fraternity due to multiple violations of College policies that occurred over a period of several years.  This organization is not connected or affiliated with Dartmouth College in any way and is not bound by the College’s policies and regulations, including policies relating to safety in Greek letter organization housing and activities. Though members may attempt to recruit men to this unrecognized organization, Dartmouth encourages parents, when discussing housing and social options with their students, to be mindful of Alpha Delta Fraternity’s unrecognized status.

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Last Updated: 10/19/15