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Office of Student Life

6135 Collis Center, Suite 217
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-6979

Parents and Families

Dartmouth College strongly discourages student participation in unrecognized organizations. Unrecognized organizations are not connected or affiliated with Dartmouth College in any way and as such, are not bound by the College's policies and regulations, including policies relating to safety in Greek letter organization housing and activities. We strongly advise all students and parents to consider this if students are recruited by or invited to attend events planned by any unrecognized organizations. Dartmouth students enrolled in classes or on a leave term may not live in a Greek Letter, undergraduate, or senior society facility that is not recognized by the College.
The following Greek Chapters have been *derecognized by Dartmouth College:

Organization Year Removed
Alpha Delta Fraternity 2015
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity 2016

*Derecognition is defined in the Dartmouth College Student Handbook as permanent revocation of recognition. We direct you to the Office of Greek Life Handbook for a description of the privileges which recognized organizations enjoy. 

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Last Updated: 9/19/16