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Gamma Delta Chi

Gamma Delta Chi Fraternity

Full chapter name

The Undergraduate Chapter of Gamma Delta Chi Fraternity


GDX, Gamma Delt


Local fraternity, not nationally affiliated

Street Address

30 North Main Street

Hanover, NH 03755

Mailing Address

Hinman Box 5213

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH 03755

Email Address



Mission Statement

The primary goal of Gamma Delta Chi is to provide an opportunity for the Brothers to build close friendships among each other, live by the spirit of Brotherhood and achieve growth in character. The many pressures and activities of college life often take away from the chance for students to get well acquainted with students other than their best friends. Much of a student's education can, indeed, occur through conversation and through shared experiences with other students from diverse backgrounds. In belonging to Gamma Delta Chi, a Brother learns to schedule his time so that he can spend a reasonable amount of it enjoying the company of his Brothers, participating in house activities, and giving back to the community.

The spirit of Brotherhood implies a strong devotion to and responsibility for the welfare of Gamma Delta Chi, Furthermore, it encompasses a need for each Brother to look for positive character traits in his Brothers. Instead of being overly critical and fault-finding, a Brother accepts a Brother for what they are or, where necessary, gives them constructive criticism. A Brother also assumes the Responsibility to help other Brothers where needed, When the above ideals are followed, there can be significant growth in character of each brother. There is a positive effect achieved when each Brother knows both that he has the respect of his Brothers and that he in turn respects and is concerned about their other Brothers.


Live by the spirit of brotherhood and achieve growth in character

Council membership

Interfraternity Council


Jack Sheehy '16


Gamma Delta Chi can trace its history to two fraternities on the Dartmouth College campus, Phi Kappa Sigma and Alpha Chi Rho. Gamma Delta Epsilon, a local fraternity, was founded in 1908, disbanded in 1912, but was reformed in 1921. In 1928, Gamma Delta Epsilon sought to establish itself as a chapter of a national fraternity and obtained a charter from the Phi Kappa Sigma national fraternity, becoming the Kappa Chapter. Epsilon Kappa Alpha was established as a local fraternity on the Dartmouth campus in 1915. As with Gamma Delta Epsilon, Epsilon Kappa Alpha sought to become a chapter of a national fraternity and was granted a charter as the Phi Nu chapter of Alpha Chi Rho in 1918. The Dartmouth chapters of Alpha Chi Rho and Phi Kappa Sigma found themselves in similar financial situations in 1934. Both chapters owned prime lots near campus that lacked adequate residential structures. The two fraternities decided to share their resources and in 1935 merged to become a new local fraternity, Gamma Delta Chi. 

Gamma Delta Chi, 2007

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