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Epsilon Kappa Theta 

Strive for diversity, intellectual curiosity and outreach to the local community

Full Chapter Name   

Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority


EKT, Theta


Local sorority, not nationally affiliated

Street Address

15 Webster Avenue, Hanover, NH 03755

Mailing Address

Hinman Box 5211, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755

Email Address


Further information

Mission statement

We believe that the bonds of sisterhood help women in their quest for personal, and provide a positive environment for the sharing of ideas and the advancement of women. We strive to achieve these goals to enrich ourselves, our sisters, and our community.

Chapter colors

The colors of EKT are navy and maroon. Navy blue is for constancy, faithfulness, and genuineness. Maroon, a deep red, is for optimism and revolution. These colors are opposite, representing diversity in the house which is brought together through the combination of the two colors.

Council membership

Panhellenic Council

Minimum GPA Required for Membership

2.50 minimum for the term prior to recruitment


Sally Kim '16

 Rent / dues

- New Member Dues

First term dues: $100

Plus regular house dues: $135

Plus events dues: $100

New Member Total: $335.00 for the first term of membership

- Second/Third term Member Dues

Second/Third term dues: $75

Plus regular house dues: $135

Plus events dues: $100

Plus Bed fee (extra for sisters living in a room with a full size bed): $15

Total per term second and third terms: $310.00-$325.00 for the second and third term of membership

- Fourth term onwards dues

Regular house dues: $135

Plus events dues: $100

Plus Bed fee (extra for sisters living in a room with a full size bed): $15

Total per term fourth term onwards: $235.00 to $250.00


Epsilon Kappa Theta at Dartmouth College was founded in January 1982 as the Epsilon Kappa colony of the Kappa Alpha Theta national sorority. Epsilon Kappa was the 100th colony of the sorority. On May 4, 1992, the Dartmouth chapter notified the Kappa Alpha Theta national organization of its unanimous vote to disaffiliate and become a local sorority. The Dartmouth women chose the new name Epsilon Kappa Theta.


Epsilon Kappa Theta works to enhance our community through service work. All sisters of Theta have mandatory philanthropy hours. We organize fundraisers or item drives every term that benefit WISE, the philanthropy group we have adopted. WISE is an Upper Valley non-profit organization that supports victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. In addition, EKT fundraises for and participates in the annual Prouty that benefits the work done at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Our other service projects include hosting lunches for SEAD students (high-school students from under-resourced backgrounds), cooking dinner with Students Fighting Hunger to combat hunger in the Upper Valley, and hosting a booth at the annual Sexfest/Consent Day to educate the community about consent, health relationships, and intimacy.

More information about us

We are Tucker volunteers. We are SAPAs, DAPAs, and EDPAs. We are UGAs. We are dancers and musicians, actors, directors and stage managers. We are published authors in world renowned magazines. We study rats. We study children. We are mentors. We are a cappella singers. We are DDS workers. We are vegetarians. We know how to BBQ. We are artists and athletes. We play softball. We play golf and ultimate. We do yoga. We program webpages. We play all-collegiate rugby. We are black belts in karate. We are Mentors Against Violence. We are DOC trip leaders. We are tutors. We are prom queens. We are secretaries, treasurers, and presidents. We are concertmasters of DSO. We are bartenders. We make pottery and jewelry. We are amazing cooks. We knit. We design and make our own clothes. We write novels. We are 2 time gold medalists and world champions in rowing. We are humanities majors. We are science majors. We are math majors and language majors. We are premeds and prelaw. We are double majors. We create our own majors. We changed our majors four times. We graduate with honors. We graduate early. We are super seniors. We are Green Key Society members. We are Presidential Scholars. We are early Phi Beta Kappas. We teach. We TA your classes. We NRO like it's our job. 

We speak English, Italian, Latin, Russian, Marshallese, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Middle English, Spanish, Telugu, French, Yiddush, Hmong, Japanese, German, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Portuguese and pig Latin. We have been to Morocco, Japan, Ghana, India, China, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. We've trekked the Himalayas. We've traveled throughout Europe and South America. We've driven across America. We drive to Food Court. 

We see something to be changed, we act. We are feminists. We are on COS. We are the editor of the Free Press. We work at the Pentagon. We preside over the D. We are presidents of Panhel. We research breast cancer and depression. We are admissions senior interviewers. We offroad Jeeps. We can juggle. We provide a social space for women. We support each other. We are role models for freshman women. We are role models for this entire campus. We wear our letters with pride. 

We are all these things. We are strong, independent women. We are Theta. It is an honor and a privilege to call myself a member of this sisterhood.

Last Updated: 1/13/16