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Alpha Theta Coeducational Fraternity

Time and distance may come between us, but our home shall always be Alpha Theta

Full Chapter Name
Alpha Theta Gender-Inclusive Greek House
Alpha Theta
Coed Fraternity
Local chapter, not nationally affiliated
Street Address
33 North Main Street, Hanover, NH 03755
Mailing Address
Hinman Box 5204 Dartmouth College Hanover, NH 03755
Email Address
Further information
National Headquarters
Mission Statement
Statement of Purpose: The object of fraternity is to cement by closer bonds the ties of friendship formed between people of congenial temperaments and mutual interest, that through their college years, and in after years, they may be of assistance, gladly and cheerfully rendered, to one another. Viewed more broadly, history was made and civilization and culture advanced as the result of fraternal action by combined bodies of determined people. From time immemorial people have bound themselves together for the good of all; and when their cause has been just they have met with success.Alpha Theta seeks to create a unified fraternity that promotes the ideals of unity, loyalty, scholarship, integrity, and siblinghood. Its history reflects those ideals, and it hopes to carry them into the future
Unity: Alpha Theta seeks to create a unified fraternity by embracing, affirming, and appreciating individuality and diversity with respect to gender, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, and age
Loyalty: Alpha Theta seeks to create a strong bond of loyalty to the fraternity in each of its members by encouraging a spirit of voluntary, not obligatory, participation in the organization and its activities
Scholarship: Alpha Theta acknowledges its position within an academic community, valuing, respecting, and encouraging scholarship and intellectual pursuits
Integrity: Alpha Theta promotes the Dartmouth College Principle of Community and encourages its members to conduct themselves with honor in all matters, that integrity will occupy a secure position within them and the fraternity
Siblinghood: Alpha Theta promotes a strong spirit of siblinghood in its community through mutual respect and support among its members
Chapter colors
Council Membership
Gender Inclusive Greek Council
Minimum GPA required for membership
not given
AXiS Score
2014: 64%
Summer 2014 - Noah H. Cramer '16
Fall 2014 Winter 2015 - Cristy A. Altamirano '15
Spring/Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 - TBD
Rent and dues
Rent is charged in the first two weeks of term via college billing. Please contact the fraternity for details of current rent
Termly chapter dues: not given
Social dues: not given
Please note that rent and dues increases generally happen at the beginning of summer term
GLOS Awards 2014: Ryan Hueston won an Arts All-Star Award
GLOS Awards 2013: Alpha Theta won the Service Trophy
The current incarnation of Alpha Theta began in the Spring of 1979, when a small, all-male fraternity was rushed by a large group of '82s. These people didn't like what the existing fraternities had to offer, they wanted an alternative; a house not quite the same as other fraternities, a place where men and women could work together and have fun. Following the block rush, the people who took over made Alpha Theta a coed organization during the winter of 1980. Previously, the fraternity was founded as a local fraternity named Iota Sigma Upsilon on March 3, 1920, by a group of seven students. In 1921 the fraternity received a charter as the Alpha Theta chapter of Theta Chi. The organization disassociated from Theta Chi in 1952 and re-incorporated as a local fraternity, adopting the name Alpha Theta. In November 2015, Alpha Theta Coeducational Fraternity voted to change their name to Alpha Theta Gender-Inclusive Greek House
Service and

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