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Alpha Chi Alpha

Fidelis et Suavis (Faithful and Sweet)

Full Chapter Name Alpha Chi Alpha Fraternity
Nickname Alpha Chi 
Fraternity Local fraternity, not nationally affiliated
Street Address 13 Webster Avenue, Hanover, NH 03755
Mailing Address Hinman Box 5201, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755
Email Address
Website Alpha Chi Alpha website
Further information
Chapter colors Red and Black
Council Membership Interfraternity Council
President Aaron Lewin '17


Rent / dues

  • Rent is charged through the college as the fraternity is housed in a college-owned building.  
  • Current rent is listed here.
  • Dues per term: not given.  
  • Social dues per term: not given.  
  • Please note that dues increases generally happen at the beginning of summer term
Service and Philanthropy Philanthropy is a central component of the Alpha Chi Alpha brotherhood experience. The goal of service shall be to reach out to the local community through various projects on an individual as well as on a group level. In addition to participating in campus-wide efforts such as Relay for Life and the Prouty, AXA brothers implement their own philanthropy initiatives throughout each term. Highlights include building days with Habitat for Humanity, cooking with Students Fighting Hunger, and hosting the annual "Sausage Fest" a cappella concert to benefit men's health.
History Alpha Chi Alpha was formed at Dartmouth College in 1919 as Alpha Chi Rho, (Phi Nu Chapter) a national fraternity. The fraternity merged with Phi Kappa Sigma in 1935 to become Gamma Delta Chi, but was reborn in 1956 as the Phi Nu Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho. The fraternity decided to become a local chapter in 1963, and changed letters to become Alpha Chi Alpha as they are today.
A little more information about us Involvement in Alpha Chi Alpha teaches brothers about leadership, friendship, scholarship, diversity, morality, ethics, responsibility, and accountability. Alpha Chi is organized to facilitate experiences that encourage brothers to embrace these values and challenge themselves to grow on an individual level. It is our hope that, as a tight-knit community, AXA enriches the lives of our members and the greater Dartmouth campus.

Last Updated: 5/11/16