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Past Junior Fellows

Vanessa Freije

Vanessa Freije

PhD Duke University

Dissertation: "Journalists, Scandal, and the Unraveling of One-Party Rule in Mexico, 1960-1988"

Vanessa Freije's dissertation analyzed the historical conditions that led to the end of one-party rule in Mexico after 70 years. In Mexico a culture of political scandals—and the work of journalists to uncover them—helped sharpen internal party divisions and galvanize organized opposition to PRI, the ruling party. At Dartmouth, Freije will continue her research into the unexpected relationship between free speech and democracy through interdisciplinary scholarship spanning anthropology, history, and communications.


Bess KoffmanBess Koffman

PhD University of Maine

Dissertation: "Atmospheric Dust Deposition in West Antarctica over the Past Two Millennia"

Bess Koffman is interested in understanding how and why Earth's atmospheric circulation changes over time. Her dissertation examined changes in wind patterns and climate, as well as ash deposition from volcanic eruptions, in the Southern Hemisphere. At Dartmouth, Koffman is analyzing atmospheric dust deposited on polar ice sheets and mountain glaciers to advance understanding of climate and wind patterns.


Yvonne KwanYvonne Kwan

PhD University of California at Santa Cruz

Dissertation: "Encountering Memory and Trauma: Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma in Cambodian Americans"
Yvonne Kwan's dissertation focused on trauma experienced by Cambodian refugees, exploring the ways that trauma and histories of violence were transmitted from one generation to the next. At Dartmouth, she is continuing to study the influence of transnational legal and racial politics on the mental health and education of disadvantaged groups, and she's adding an historical dimension to her work.


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