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Report an Incident

Are you safe? Your safety is the highest priority.

If you need immediate help, contact Hanover Police at 911 or Safety and Security at (603) 646-3333.

If you (or someone you know) has been sexually assaulted, you have options.

Ensure your health and safety.

Dick’s House: (603) 646-9400 / 646-4000 (after hours)

  • For emergency medical attention, STI & pregnancy testing

DHMC Emergency Room: 911 / (603) 650-7000

  •  For emergency medical attention, STI & pregnancy testing, and/or evidence collection

If you feel unsafe:

  • Your dean can provide information about housing and academic options: (603) 646-2443 / 646-4000 (Dean on Call)
  • Safety & Security can help you obtain a “no contact” order: (603) 646-4000
  • Hanover Police can help you obtain an emergency protective order: 911 / (603) 646-2222

Talk to someone.

Sexual Assault Awareness Program (SAAP) Coordinators:
Rebekah Carrow, M.S.
Amanda Childress, M.Ed.

Phone: (603) 646-9414 ask for a SAAP Coordinator
Blitz: SAAP, Rebekah Carrow or Amanda Childress 
Location: Robinson (Robo) Hall 3rd Floor

  • Primary contact for all questions and information specific to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, healthy/unhealthy relationships, sexual harassment and stalking
  • Provide confidential support and guidance
  • Crisis intervention, resource referral, safety planning, education and advocacy for victims and survivors
  • Assistance with medical evidence collection/follow-up care options, legal and/or judicial reporting processes and options, emotional and support services, academic or living concerns, etc

Sexual Assault Peer Advisors (SAPA):
Blitz: SAPA

  • Students trained to respond to questions about medical, emotional and reporting issues

Counseling & Human Development:
Phone: (603) 646-9442 for appointments
           (603) 646-4000 (after hours) ASK for the Counselor-on-Call

Phone: 1-866-348-9473 (24-hour, toll-free hotline)

  • WISE is a resource to the Upper valley community and not affiliated with Dartmouth. It is an advocacy organization that provides free and confidential information and services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence

Report the incident.

Reporting an incident of sexual violence does NOT require you to pursue charges of any sort.

SAAP Coordinator /SAPA : Can report anonymously

Safety & Security: (603) 646-4000

  • Statement filed is independent of any Hanover Police reports
  • If filing a complaint against someone, student can obtain a No Contact Order (NCO), which requires both parties to cease all forms of communication, including electronic means and third parties

Hanover Police: 911 / (603) 646-2222

  • Statement filed is independent of DoSS report
  • Can obtain an emergency, temporary or final protective order, enforcement mandated by law

Pursue charges.

If you decide to pursue charges, you can do so in the following ways. You can choose to disengage in the process at any time; beginning any process does NOT require that you finish it:

1. Pursue Internal (College) Disciplinary Charges

  • A survivor will not be charged for alcohol violations if they are underage and alcohol was involved
  • Both parties may have advisors present during the hearing
  • Process can last anywhere from a few weeks to much longer, depending on circumstances

2. Pursue Criminal Charges

  • A survivor will not be charged for alcohol violations if they are underage and alcohol was involved
  • Investigation performed by Hanover Police
  • Medical evidence collection is never mandated; however, such evidence is important for the prosecution to bring forth charges
  • Completed investigation report forwarded to Grafton County District Attorney for possible criminal prosecution
  • Any prosecution occurs in criminal courts

3. Pursue both Internal and Criminal Charges

  • Internal and criminal adjudication processes occur independently
Contact the SAAP Coordinator with any questions.

Last Updated: 3/24/14