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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find questions you might have about sexual assault, reporting procedures, and the College's disciplinary process. If you have further questions, you should contact the Sexual Assault Awareness Program (SAAP).

General Q&A

Survivor Q&A


General Q&A

I’m not sure if what happened to me was sexual assault. How can I be sure?

It is important to seek help if you are unsure about what may have happened. Contact a SAAP Coordinator or a SAPA to discuss and address your concerns.

My friend or partner was assaulted. How can I help?

It is important to listen non-judgmentally and believe your friend or partner. You can point your friend or partner to valuable resources, such as SAAP. Navigate to the Get Help For My Friend and Get Help For My Partner section of this website for useful tips to help your friend.

My friend has been accused of sexual assault. How can I help?

It is important to direct your friend to campus resources, such as a Counselor at Dick's House or their Undergraduate Dean. Your friend will want to become familiar with the College's Judicial process and understand Dartmouth College's Policy on Sexual Misconduct. Your friend can also educate him/herself about sexual assault by searching information on this and other websites. Navigate the Get Help For My Friend to understand ways in which you can help your friend.

I have been accused of Sexual Misconduct. What are my options?

You can find information about the College's disciplinary process here Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office. You should also reach out to your Undergraduate Dean for additional resources AND a Counselor at Dick's House for emotional support.

I care about these issues and would like to get involved in reducing sexual assault on campus. What can I do?

There are a variety of ways you can get involved on campus. Click HERE to find out more.

Where is the Sexual Assault Awareness Program (SAAP) office located?

The Sexual Assault Awareness Program office is located on the 3rd floor of Robinson (Robo) Hall in the Department of Student Health Promotion & Wellness 

Survivor Q&A

I have just been assaulted and I need help. What should I do?

Click Get Help to learn more about ways you can get help immediately.

I have just been assaulted. Do I need medical services?

If you have been sexually assaulted, it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible. Your need for treatment is, and should be considered, an emergency even if there are no visible signs of physical injury. Taking care of your health at this time is an important step in the healing process and could provide you with more options later. It is important to seek medical care in order to:

  • Be examined and treated for any injuries.
  • Be tested and treated for possible exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Females should discuss the risk of pregnancy and talk about options of emergency contraception (ie. Plan B)
  • Collect time-sensitive physical evidence for use should you decide now or later to report the assault to the police for possible prosecution of the offender.

I was assaulted and I need to talk to someone. Who can I talk to?

A Sexual Assault Awareness Program Coordinator can provide confidential support and guidance specific to your needs. The coordinators are trained to provide support specific to cases of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking or harassment. You can speak to a coordinator anonymously, and you are not required to report an incident or pursue charges of any sort.

Sexual Assault Awareness Program (SAAP) Coordinator: Call Student Health Promotion & Wellness at (603) 646-9414 and ask for a SAAP coordinator or blitz SAAP

  • Primary contact for all questions specific to relationship and sexual violence, stalking or harassment
  • Can provide confidential support and guidance

Sexual Assault Peer Advisors: Students trained to respond to questions about medical, emotional and reporting issues

Dick’s House Counseling: (603) 646-9442 for appointments / (603) 646-4000 (after hours)

WISE: 24-hour, toll-free hotline, 1-866-348-9473. WISE is a resource to the Upper Valley community and not affiliated with Dartmouth. It is an advocacy organization that provides free and confidential information and services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

I was sexually assaulted and would like to speak to a peer. Who can I talk to?

Sexual Assault Peer Advisors (SAPAs) are current students trained to support victims/survivors of sexual assault.

How do I report?

Learn about reporting procedures here.

I am not sure about pressing charges but would like to learn more about the process. Where can I learn more about pressing charges?

You can contact Hanover PD at 603-643-2222 and ask hypothetical questions, talk with a SAAP Coordinator 603-646-9414 or talk with a WISE Advocate 1-866-348-9473 to learn more about pursuing legal charges. A SAAP Coordinator or WISE Advocate could accompany you to the police station as well.


Last Updated: 5/23/14