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Summer Classes

"SEAD has challenged my way of thinking. It has shown me the little bit that I thought I knew is nothing compared to what I could know if I apply myself." – SEAD student graduate

Integral to the SEAD Scholars' experience is spending a portion of four consecutive summers at Dartmouth. During their time at Dartmouth, they participate in educational and personal enrichment activities. Each year has a specific focus:

SEAD I: Identity


SEAD I brings together students for the first time. The central goal of SEAD I is to build a sense of trust and cohesion as a group; participants are encouraged to grow as individuals, students, and members of their SEAD group in a college environment. Students work in two academic areas: Language Arts and Robotics. As with all SEAD summer programs students have an hour study hall most evenings with support from the student teachers and volunteer tutors.


Language Arts

The goal of the Language Arts program is to lay the foundations for the group to work together for four summers. Diverse students from the five areas need to become a group, able to trust each other enough to communicate about readings and their writing as well as about themselves. The overarching theme of the Language Arts program is "Identity": an exploration of themselves as individuals and more importantly as members of various groups including family, home communities, SEAD, and future communities. They work together to break down stereotypes and barriers between the groups and between members of their own groups. Students read short narratives and poems as the basis of discussions and extensive writing, culminating in graduation presentations of poetry and a final collection of their writing in a SEAD Literary Journal.

Focus Goals for SEAD I

  • Work on students' basic academic skills
  • Show students what it is like to be on a college campus
  • Help students examine how they see themselves and how others see them
  • Broaden students' understanding of their education options and opportunities


Last Updated: 4/20/17