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Transfer Term Process for spring term 2020 only

Students who elect to pursue a spring 2020 transfer term submit a completed Transfer Credit Approval Form to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar prepared a list of possibilities for transfer to consider, however, it is not exhaustive, and you may wish to pursue options available elsewhere.

Process for Transfer Credit Approval

Step 1. Research Remotely Delivered Courses available at other institutions

Review resources provided by other institutions and programs. We encourage students to explore all possible options. While there is no guarantee that Dartmouth departments/programs will allow your identified course to transfer, faculty are very aware of the limits that the global health emergency places on options.

Step 2. Submit Your Transfer Credit Approval Form to the Registrar’s Office

Submit your Transfer Credit Approval Form to the Registrar’s Office. Include the course syllabi from the other institution for each of the courses.  If, given time constraints this is not possible, at minimum submit the full course description.

Step 3. Course Approvals

The Registrar’s Office will forward your Transfer Credit Approval Form to the appropriate department/program for review and approval and copy you via email. Once the courses you requested are reviewed and a department/program confirms the decision, the Registrar’s Office will notify you of the outcome.

Step 4. When You Complete Your Course(s)

Once you have your final grades, request that your transfer term institution send your official transcript to the Dartmouth Registrar's Office. If you are a senior planning to graduate spring term, be sure to discuss timing issues with the Dartmouth Registrar’s Office in advance.

Once the Registrar’s Office receives your official transcript, eligible credits will post to your Dartmouth transcript.

Transfer Credit Requirements and Regulations specific to spring term 2020

  • Transfer courses must be an integral part of a liberal arts and sciences undergraduate curriculum.
  • Transfer credit may potentially satisfy distributives, world culture, and, with department/program approval, major and minor requirements.
  • Course syllabi may be required for faculty approval. When it is not possible to obtain one on short notice, at minimum submit the full course description. Students obtain the course syllabi from the transfer institution.
  • Courses meet for a minimum of three weeks and for at least thirty contact hours (class meeting times), which does not include examination periods.
  • Grades from transfer courses do not show on the Dartmouth transcript and do not compute in the Dartmouth grade point average.
  • Note that while departments/programs are likely to exhibit flexibility, students should be aware that some departments and programs may have restrictive policies toward transfer credit. Do not assume any course will transfer.


  • Dartmouth has waived the $2,200 transfer term fee for the spring 2020 term.
  • Students are responsible for all fees associated with the other institution's program and should be aware that dates for other school's payments and registrations may not line up with the Dartmouth calendar.


Where do I find class meeting times and the term calendar for courses at another institution?

While each institution may be different, generally this information is available on course syllabi and/or class schedules at the other institution.


Who at Dartmouth can review and approve my transfer credit equivalencies?

The Registrar’s Office will conduct a partial review of your transfer credit request and then contact the department/program faculty designee to review your transfer credit request. A signature from a designated faculty member in each department/program for each course you wish to transfer is required.


I have already obtained faculty signatures for my courses, therefore is my approval form complete?

Department/program course approval is only one step in the process. Not all courses meet the eligibility requirements and require evaluation by the Registrar. We recommend that for spring 2020 you submit your transfer credit form to the Registrar’s Office before department/program review occurs.


Can I get transfer credit for courses that are not in our curriculum at Dartmouth?

Look for Arts and Sciences undergraduate courses similar to what Dartmouth may offer. The decision will be up to the department/program.


Can I apply for financial aid for a transfer term?

Dartmouth financial aid is not typically available for transfer terms, however, there are some cases where financial aid might be possible. Check with the Financial Aid Office for more information.


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