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Spring 2020 Transfer Term Resources

Updated as of 03-16-20.

Below is a list of institutions on a quarter term system where you may wish to consider a transfer term offered remotely 2020 spring. Keep in mind that the global health emergency creates a rapidly changing landscape for both Dartmouth and other institutions, and it may be that these institutions and/or their courses will not have space or be cancelled.  In addition, you still require approval to transfer all courses to Dartmouth.

You may wish to explore options at other institutions as well, including semester schools.

We have adjusted the spring 2020 transfer term process to expedite reviews and approvals. Follow the standard transfer term process for a summer or fall term transfer term.

Spring 2020 Possible Options

Institution Start Date End Date Registrar Office Email Additional Information
DePaul University 3/28/20 6/12/20

Apply through the Visiting Undergraduate Student application

Online Course Offerings

Granite State College 4/6/20 6/26/20 
Loma Linda University 4/6/20

Non-Degree Registration Form

Online Course Schedule 
Northwestern 3/31/20 6/13/20       School for Professional Studies (SPS)
Union College 3/29/20 6/22/20 Not confirmed
University of California Riverside 3/25/20 6/12/20 UCR University Extension program
University of California Santa Cruz 3/30/20 6/11/20 Not confirmed
University of Denver 3/30/20 6/6/20 Course search
University of Oregon 3/30/20 6/4/20 Community Education Program
University of California Los Angeles 3/25/20 6/12/20 Concurrent Enrollment extension program

Sample listing of Institutions Where Students Have Previously Transferred credit to Dartmouth

Boston College
California Institute of the Arts
California State University Northridge
Colorado College
Columbia University
CUNY Hunter
DePaul University
Emory University
Hunter College
Indiana University
John Day College
Johns Hopkins School of International Studies
Long Island University
Loyola Marymount University
Middlebury College
Parsons School of Design
Rhode Island School of Design
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Stanford University
Tufts University
UC Berkeley
University of Arizona
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Illinois
University of Kentucky
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts, Boston
University of Michigan
University of Nebraska Lincoln
University of Utah
Villanova University

Last Updated: 3/16/20