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Thursday August 4, 7 PM, Rockefeller 1

Terence Kealey (Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute, "Governments Should Not Fund Science"

The federal government started to fund significant science only after 1940, yet since then the country's rates of economic and technological growth have not accelerated. Indeed, the government's own economists have confirmed that it is only the private funding of research that stimulates economic growth. Worse, public funding might even damage economic growth by crowding out private funding.

In this talk I trace the origins of the idea of science as a public good to the theoretical workings of the RAND corporation post-war, and I show how an economics of science that is true to the actual nature of science shows that it is only damaged by its funding by government.

Monday August 15, 7 PM, Rockefeller 1

John Welborn '02, Ph.D., "Blockchain 101"

  • Overview of the bitcoin blockchain
  • Public vs private ledgers
  • Use cases in finance (settlement, payments, smart contracts)
  • Regulatory consequences
  • Other commercial use cases


Last Updated: 7/22/16