Title to Capital Equipment Acquired with Sponsored Research Funds

Dartmouth College retains ownership of or title to most capital equipment purchased with sponsored research funds. Equipment should not be sold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of without first notifying the Director of the Office of Sponsored Projects. OSP staff are responsible for researching and determining agency specific regulations governing the sale, transfer, or disposal of equipment purchased with sponsored project funds. General guidelines concerning title to capital equipment permits full vesting upon close-out of the award under which the property was acquired.

Government-furnished equipment remains the property of the awarding agency. The agency retains the right to recall such property for use in other research areas. For this reason, on an annual basis, the college needs to account for all such equipment in its possession. Because receipt of this equipment does not follow Dartmouth's established purchasing procedures, the OSP is not systematically informed of the equipment's existence on campus. It is, therefore, imperative that Principal Investigator's report the existence of all government-furnished equipment to the OSP. Principal Investigator's should report this information both when the equipment is received and if or when it is relocated. All items of government-furnished equipment must bear a label identifying the equipment as belonging to the US government. Disposition of such equipment remains the prerogative of the awarding agency.