Federal Demonstration Partnership

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An Overview of Dartmouth College's Participation

July 1,1988-Current


In 1986, five federal agencies initiated a demonstration project (FDP I) to reduce unnecessary administrative burdens on sponsored research, and provide a forum for developing models for administrative reform in a variety of sponsored research areas. As of Spring 2020 FDP consists of 129 member institutions, 26 emerging research institutions, and 10 Federal agencies enrolled in the project. Significant accomplishments of FDP over the years include more uniform procedures for the administration of grants, simplification of the continuation grant application, and elimination of equipment screening requirements. Continuing this trend, the Federal Demonstration Partnership VI will serve as a venue to articulate recommendations for innovations in Federal research policy and practice particularly as they relate to federally funded research at universities and other non-profits.

Dartmouth College's Participation

Dartmouth College has been a member of FDP Phase II since 1988.

  • Jill Mortali is the FDP V Administrative representative
  • Tom Drinane is the FDP V Technical Representative
  • Aarron Clough and Jody Patten represent Dartmouth on several FDP initiatives

FDP Initiatives that actively involve Dartmouth

  • Electronic research administration
  • Basic award mechanism
  • Payroll Certification project
  • Faculty Committee
  • FDP Standing Committees
  • Expanding the Expanded Authorities
  • Subaward Agreement

Please send comments and/or questions regarding the FDP to The Office of Sponsored Projects.