GEANT4/GAMOS Tissue Optics Monte Carlo

In  2013, the Optics in Medicine Laboratory released the Monte Carlo GEANT4/GAMOS Tissue Optical Modeling software.  This is described in a publication in Biomedical Optics Express, 2013.  Useful information and downloads related to this are located here:

(NEW) Download full GAMOS.4.0.0 with tissue optics included

Unix: To install, download GAMOS_INSTALL.tar.gz from the link above.  Unpack the directory with, “tar -xvf GAMOS_INSTALL.tar.gz”.  Enter the scripts directory with “cd ./scripts”. Then compile the package with “source ./ INSTALL_DIR” where INSTALL_DIR is the absolute path to where you would like to install GAMOS, e.g. ~/GAMOS.

Windows: Not currently supported.

User’s Manual (PDF)

Example Simulation files