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Black Campus Resources

Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association

The purpose of the Association is to provide the continuing and active support of the College’s Black alumni in matters affecting the intellectual, cultural, social, and educational well-being of the Black Alumni and members of the Black and other minority communities, as well as the greater College community at Dartmouth.

Dartmouth Black Caucus

The Dartmouth Black Caucus (DBC) is an association of the College’s employees of African descent. They meet periodically to address matters related to the status of Blacks (employees, as well as students) at Dartmouth.

Cutter Shabazz Academic Affinity House

Cutter Shabazz is a 26 bed, co-ed Academic Affinity House. Living spaces are available to upper class students by application only. The mission of the Cutter Shabazz Academic Affinity House is to enhance the intellectual and cultural milieu of the Dartmouth College campus, with particular regard to those issues which pertain to the historical and contemporary experiences of people of African descent. 

A special program within the Cutter/Shabazz affinity house is the Thurgood Marshall Fellowship.  The goal of the Chavez/Eastman/Marshall fellowship program is to promote student and faculty diversity at Dartmouth, and throughout higher education, by supporting completion of the doctorate by underrepresented minority scholars (including African-American, Latina/o, and Native American scholars) and other graduate scholars with a demonstrated commitment and ability to advance educational diversity.

More about the Marshall Fellowship

 African and African-American Studies Program (AAAS)

The African and African-American Studies Program is designed to provide all students at Dartmouth with an understanding of the historical, economic, political, social, and artistic experiences of people of African ancestry in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and elsewhere

Last Updated: 9/4/14