Clinical Shadowing Program for Dartmouth Undergraduates

The Nathan Smith Society Program at the DHMC

“While shadowing today, I noticed things that good doctors do: clearly and eloquently communicate ideas, collaborate frequently, document patient interactions thoroughly, follow-up on patients when needed, and take time to get to know the patients and the patient’s family.”

– Observation made by an NSS member while participating at the DHMC in the Nathan Smith Society Shadowing Program

Program Details and Application Links

Be sure to visit all these pages before you register for the shadowing program.

  1. Overview of the Program
  2. Necessary Steps to Enroll
  3. List of Shadowing Opportunities
  4. DHMC Code of Ethical Conduct
  5. DHMC Policy Statement on the Privacy & Confidentiality of Patient Information
  6. Online Application Form
  7. Immunization Verification Form
  8. DHMC Parking
  9. DHMC Bus Schedule
  10. DHMC Map
  11. DHMC Emergency Procedures
  12. f23 Orientation Sildes